Understanding India’s Climate Policy

What are India’s Domestic and Global Climate Agendas? Here is a brief note.

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Water and Climate Change

Water is inextricably linked to the global climate crisis. Check how climate change affects the water cycles and availability.

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Snakebites in India

India recorded an average 58,000 deaths from snakebites annually. The blog discusses how NGOs can play a crucial role in saving lives.

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5 ways to reduce waste at home

Often as individuals we overlook some easy but important low hanging individual actions that can help in better managing the household waste. Here are 5 simple initiatives individuals or households can take up to reduce waste at home.

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Zero Budget Natural farming: The other Dimension

This blog discusses the often overlooked economic and social aspects of sustainable farming and to what extent Zero Budget Natural Farming addresses them.

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Understanding the Paris Agreement

This blog provides details on the Paris Climate Agreement which is ratified and adopted by 189 countries out of 196 signatories.

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