5 elements of successful hiring

In addition to the technical competencies and relevant experience, trying to get a sense of these five personality traits while interviewing could help identifying the right candidates.

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Accessible Assistive Technologies: A boon to people with disabilities

A blog on how assistive technologies are empowering lives of persons with disabilities and their potential to narrow the gap.

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COVID-19 and subsistence farmers

A look at how COVID-19 impacted subsistence farmers and how small-plot vegetable cultivation can support them.

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Understanding India’s Climate Policy

What are India’s Domestic and Global Climate Agendas? Here is a brief note.

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Water and Climate Change

Water is inextricably linked to the global climate crisis. Check how climate change affects the water cycles and availability.

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Snakebites in India

India recorded an average 58,000 deaths from snakebites annually. The blog discusses how NGOs can play a crucial role in saving lives.

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