Overview Dr. Reddy's Foundation

Our Story

The journey that impacted over 2 million lives started in 1996 when Dr. K. Anji Reddy, a renowned scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, encouraged by the possibilities of helping others to share and reap the benefits of India’s economic growth, started Dr.Reddy’s Foundation. The foundation was established with a mission of assisting disadvantaged people to have access to quality education and develop skills to keep pace with modern day challenges. After 25 years, the mission has only grown to encompass some of the most complex social problems of the day but with the same enthusiasm to change lives.

The beginning

DRF started in 1996 with the mission to educate and skill young people to fast track them towards better livelihood options. Early programs focused on children’s education and skill development among young people from lower income households. The foundation established a school and vocational college to provide affordable quality education. Other education interventions include collaborating to improve learning outcomes and infrastructure in under-resourced government schools and establishment of an Education Resource Centre to meet the changing academic and pedagogical requirements. On the skill development front our Livelihood Advancement Business School, better known as LABS, was among the first short-term employment linked training programs in India.


DRF focused on new frontiers like rural livelihoods, inclusion and healthcare to address more complex social problems. But to address complex social problems on scale requires constant innovation and collective cooperation. The foundation emphasized on testing innovative solutions that sustain over necessary period and leveraging partnerships to scale up the impact. With several new strategies and interventions, today we work in 20 states with diverse partners to collectively solve problems in the areas of rural livelihoods, education, healthcare, skill Development, climate action and inclusion. Our interventions are in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and stand as an affirmation to our commitment to sustainably empower socially and economically disadvantaged communities.



To enable sustainable social impact at scale


To empower communities through improved education, health, livelihood and climate action outcomes.


To develop and test innovative solutions to address complex social problems and leverage partnerships to scale up impact.

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