This is the house that Jayesh built

Young Jayesh Gautemi achieved what many dream but find it difficult to do, which is to build one’s dream house.

The son of a carpenter, he faced discrimination from his own larger family because they did not have a “pucca” house of their own. Determined to iron out this knot and help his father hold his head high, he signed up with GROW and soon got a job. Restless for better opportunities, one job led to another “I kept scouting for better opportunities and with each change of job I ensured I got a raise. He now works with Accenture is happy with his salary. More importantly, he is happy the job provided him with an avenue to get a home loan and also make the necessary repayments. Says Jayesh “I am happy I now have a house that is better than all my relatives who snubbed me. And it is funny how people want to be related to you when you have some money!”

Jayesh shifted to his new house with his parents before the pandemic surge and is relieved that they have a roof over their heads. “If we lived in our earlier settings I doubt if my aged parents would have been safe” says Jayesh

And concludes “joining GROW was the best decision of my life. It opened the door to a new future.”

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