Taking Big Strides

Besai Roy is on a fast track to success. He joined Flipkart in their “Voice Process” – department at the entry level when the pandemic was still disrupting lives, but soon learnt to weave his way forward by learning new skills and staying agile.

“I was desperate to get a job and I was not sure of a placement during the pandemic because in my city, more people were losing jobs than getting employment. So I was open to taking whatever job I got and was sure I would be able to go forward once I got a foothold.”

Recollects Besai, “My first assignment, was very mundane and tedious work.  As a call center worker you are on the phone for more than eight hours and dealing with irate customers.  But since the job was a life saver for me and the company was well known, I decided to do whatever it takes to do it well. It taught me two big skills – to be patient and to listen – which in turn actually helped me to move to where I am now.”

Roy was soon moved to be an “HR implant” at the Flipkart warehouse which was basically a role that focused on listening to people’s problems and finding solutions. Explained Roy, “At Flipkart where manpower is central to their business, HR can get overwhelmed with bulk recruitment or even tackle daily grievances” and my role therefore was to be the intermediary – between HR and the recruits.”

He managed 90 people and tirelessly listened to employee woes and tried to find solutions that worked for the company as well as the employees.  Touchingly, he always kept an eye for GROW PwD candidates in particular. “While I understand their desperation to get a job, I also see how some of their co-workers run out of patience because communicating with them can be a challenge. So I decided to learn sign language to be bridge that gap and though I am not there yet, I can communicate with them.”

His hard work paid dividends as recently Roy was selected to join the HR team as a full time staff. “This is a big leap for me. I will be moving to a territory level assignment to take care of 300 people and will have 30 direct reportees” explained an elated Roy.

True to form, Roy was working on how to excel in his next role.  He explained “I am enrolling for an MBA so that I can be good at my work. I want to always be on top of my job.”

Indeed a big achievement for a young boy who travelled each day three hours (one way) by bus and returned home late at night cooked dinner for his father and brother before hitting the bed to dream big.

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