Founder & Trustees

anjireddy1Dr Kallam Anji Reddy (February 01, 1941 – March 15, 2013)

Dr. K Anji Reddy was a selfless, patriotic visionary and dreamt of an India where every Indian had access to good education and healthcare.

Armed with a doctorate in chemical engineering, he set up the Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (DRL) in 1984 which has over the years grown to become a leading hub for research in pharmacy.

About a decade after setting up Dr Reddy’s Laboratories he was encouraged by the possibilities of helping others to also share and reap the benefits of India’s economic growth. He started the Dr Reddy’s Foundation in 1996, with the vision of assisting young disadvantaged persons to have access to quality education and developing skills to keep pace with modern day challenges.

Dr Anji Reddy affirmed that “… the most important thing for human beings is to earn a livelihood. My aim in life is to create as many livelihoods as I can in my lifetime. The livelihoods we create should be sustainable and help these young people to grow by the force of their own confidence and effort; and the training that we give them should help them to take wing and fly.”

Satish Reddy

Satish Reddy is the Chairman of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories and is known for his key role in shaping policies concerning the pharmaceutical sector, such as policy formulation on India’s patent law, drug pricing and important amendments to the Drugs & Cosmetics Act.

Satish who has a great interest in exploring how human capital can be channelized to add to the productive power of the country, Chairs the Life Sciences Skill Development Council under The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), an organization, working in partnership with various stakeholders groups, to serve and address the skill shortfalls in the Life Sciences Sector across India.  In May 2015, the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, nominated Satish as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Safety Council.

Apart from his business interests, Satish is a strong advocate of responsible corporate citizenship and supports various not-for-profit organizations.  Dr Reddy’s Foundation is obviously one that is close to his heart and as a hands-on Chairman he takes a keen interest in all the activities and encourages the team to innovate and explore new models of vocational education to create sustainable livelihood for the youth in this country.

Anuradha Prasad

Managing Trustee

Anuradha Prasad has varied interests but her passion for ensuring children in this state get quality education remains a priority. She takes keen interest in the activities of Dr Reddy’s Foundation and provides hands-on guidance for education and livelihoods generation programs. Her love for children and her zeal to ensure quality education for kids, irrespective of their economic status, was what led to the establishing of the Pudami schools for the urban poor.

It was a precursor to present public and private school models and was started with the intent to enable children learn English when the language was not being taught in government primary schools in the state.

A keen lover of arts and culture. She is the founder of the Saptaparni, a cultural centre dedicated to indoctrinating Indian history and culture especially for children. The center is a hub for performing arts and a storehouse of books in vernacular languages handpicked by Anuradha and her team.

In its tenth year now, Saptaparni has not only reached out to the creative community but also provides a space for like-minded people to come together to promote progressive thinking and social causes.