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    Year: 2006-07
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    DRF Turns 20

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    Reaching out – bridging gaps – touching new horizons….

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    Programs Catalysed By Dr.Reddys Foundation

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    We have a long way to go…

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    Enabling the Differently Abled

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    Celebrating Success: Alumni meets at Vaishali & Karimnagar

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    Market Research @ DRF Scouting for More

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    New Programs in AP to address Urban & Rural Poverty

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    LABS heads North-East

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    Piecing it all together

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    DRF is ‘Corporate Citizen of the Year'

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    MSDF LABS: Transforming lives of Urban Youth

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    Partnering for a cause

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    LABS A decade of transforming lives

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    Pudami’s journey towards e(Q)uality in education

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    Reach out and touch someone

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    A second chance

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    Fast forward:LABS achievers

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    Brightening rural lives

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    LABS-S The Journey to Sustainability

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    The Bridge to a Brighter Future

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    Farewell to a Visionary

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    LABS: Growing roots in the Community

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    Waves of Change: Social Initiatives Gather Speed

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    Aspirations blossom at LABS

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    Sustainability and CSR

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    No Mountain High Enough

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    FCRA Audit Report 2015-16

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    FCRA Audit Report 2014-15

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    FCRA Audit Report 2013-14

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    FCRA Audit Report 2012-13

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    FCRA Audit Report 2011-12

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      Foreign Contribution 2017-18

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      Foreign Contribution 2016-17

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