Harness the potential of young India

India’s growing ‘under-25’ population, including young people with disabilities , aspire for better jobs and higher incomes. Therefore, there is an urgency to educate and skill our youth and optimise them to match up to the requirements of the industry. DRF attempts to deliver high quality skilling at scale for marginalised youth apart from empowering young women to study science.


To address the vast disconnect between the demand and supply of skilled human resources – largely because of the poor quality of skill training – GROW focuses on improving ‘Core Employability’ skills to ensure the student is equipped with appropriate knowledge for his/her sector-of-choice and help kick start their career.


Only 5%

out of 365 million youth
are skilled. While 178 million
have no skills and no jobs.

Skilled Youth0%

Unskilled and

12.8 million

unskilled youth enter the
workforce every year, yet
53% of jobs are lying vacant
as employers are unable to
find people with the right skills.




GROW’s affordable high quality training focuses on ‘core employability’ skills that are transferable across all sectors but are vital to get a job. The hands-on short duration program includes English, Communicative English, Computer skills and Interview skills. Rigorous and regular assessments ensure there is a skill shift, which is central to the program’s success.

GROW’s emphasis on affordable high-quality training is ensured through a certified IT platform, which maps the entire cycle of
the program. The analytics-driven matchmaking engine helps to place the young aspirants in career tracks that are aligned
with their aspirations.


Vaibhav Kasar had an engineering degree which did not fetch him a job despite multiple interviews. He realized his soft skills were not up to the mark. Since getting a job fast was a top priority, he opted to join GROW on learning that they focus on “core employability skills.”
He got placed within a week of his completing his course at GSG TELCO but it did not stop there. Within two months of his joining TELCO, he got a better offer with a higher salary on his own merit from the Ministry of Defence. Vaibhav wanted to be assured that he was making the right move so he spoke to the GROW team as they had promised of post-placement support.
GROW team studied the offer and encouraged him to take it. Vaibhav is now working as an Analyst at the Ministry of Defence and the GROW team is proud of him.

Star Bazaar’s outlet in Seasons Mall of Pune, is abuzz with activity on a Monday afternoon. A quick glimpse towards the billing counter shows a line of happy and helpful cashiers serving their customers promptly. One among them is Krishna Sudam Somoshe, a cheerful, sincere and hard-working cashier who refuses to sit despite his aching polio-leg.
His father’s demise in 2008 forced him to give up his education in lieu of a job to help support the family. He took up several odd-jobs and realized he could juggle his studies with part time jobs and soon went on to complete his B.A. But he wanted a better paying job after his graduation, so he joined GROW. Today, Krishna is a valued employee at Star Bazaar. His moment of pride was when his supervisor appreciated him for his 100% error-free performance. “It is these moments that make the pain worthwhile”, says a content Krishna.

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