We at DRF are on a mission to solve complex social problems. If you are a purpose-driven individual and motivated by challenges – JOIN US, we are looking for you! Jobs@drreddysfoundation.org


Tackling social problems is a complex task and we are dedicated to providing an enabling environment to our employees as they face this challenge head-on. At DRF, we continuously strive to build a culture that allows our people to aspire, seek, question, explore, fail, learn and fully harness their talent and creativity as “Problem Solvers”.

We are happy to share that we are certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ and are listed among ‘India’s Top 10 NGOs to Work For’ (2018-19). Our endeavour is to make DRF a ‘Great Place’ for every individual joining us in our mission and to that effect, we ensure that every voice is heard and make continuous efforts to create a transparent, fair, healthy and happy work environment for all our employees. Reach out to us if you are excited about addressing adaptive challenges.


DRF is an awesome combination of culture and experience. We are pluralistic with a non-judgmental environment that values each individual’s unique thinking and talent. We are vigilant to ensure that there is no discrimination and everyone has access to equal opportunities.
Our work ethos is informal and friendly but we are unwaveringly focused on excellence.Individual and team efforts are valued and we work towards instilling a regular culture of authentic recognition that could be in the form of an informal pat, an appreciation card, a shout out or a post on our Facebook.
We have a collaborative culture where decision making is participative and employees at all levels are given the opportunity to share their opinions and suggestions.
We take employee well-being seriously and extend our care beyond the limits of work to areas of physical, mental and financial well-being of our employees.
Despite being a pan India organization, we look for opportunities to celebrate and have fun together. Birthdays, Fun Office Games, Talent Contests, Movies, Group Lunches – all these and many more make DRF an enjoyable workplace!



Our work ethos is informal and friendly yet focused on excellence in all that we do. We encourage individuals to be proactively responsible and add value to their work/role.


At DRF, appreciation can come from any corner! But we wouldn’t keep you waiting for the year end to let you know you are an asset. Our Rewards and Recognition program empowers each of us equally to appreciate and reward each other. From an informal pat-on-the-back and shout-outs to appreciation letters, public recognition, gift cards and awards for excellence, we make you feel appreciated and acknowledged every single day.


What greets us every day at work is a diverse and an inclusive work environment, ensuring equal opportunities and access for all. We are an equal opportunity employer and our ‘zero-tolerance’ harassment policy discourages both implicit and explicit behavior/attitude that attempts to threaten the integrity and well-being of our employees.


While work is serious focus, we believe that you need to have a good time too. We are proudly bond together celebrating successes, whether it is a batch graduating out of a center, or the initiation of a new batch, or someone’s birthday; we look for opportunities to celebrate together.


Volunteering with us is an opportunity to make a difference and gain personal satisfaction. We encourage volunteers with domain expertise and experience to support us in areas like Digital Marketing, IT, HR, Finance or Social Media.


Everything is well designed and the organisation follows industry best practices. I am happy to be a part of DRF and a proud DRFIAN.


“My on-boarding was great. During the induction session I was explained each and everything very clearly and it really helped me to understand the organization,my role and responsibilities.”
Shweta SubhashSaha

Executive QAE at HO

“I feel happy about my first 90 days in DRF.I’ve learnt a lot of things in these 90 days.Thank you for providing me the guidance and support.”
Harish Kumar Kadarla

Trainer, GROW – Rajahmundry

“Working here makes it hard to differentiate between work and home. The culture at DRF ensures that I am always an important part of the organization.”
K. Sai Kumar

Asst. Manager, MIS& IT

“At DRF, I’ve realized that everyindividual’sinsight is important, regardless of one’srole and designation, every employee is an equal stakeholder in the organization.”

Deputy Manager – HR at HO

“This job leaves you with a good feeling about the work we do, and this is not limited to the final output, but includes the entire process.”
D. Raghavendra,

Finance, HO

“Great people to be around with. Each member of the organization is committed to quality and the final goal.”-

Management Trainee, HO

“Excellent organization to learn, perform and grow.”
Zubin Somervell,

Programme Design & Strategy

“The most prominent uniting force between each employee is a thirst to be able to make a change.”
Rami Reddy

Head, IT

“My induction was wonderful, and it gave me an insight into the culture of the organization, workplace ethics and my job responsibility very clearly.”

Area Head, GROW – Kochi

DRF 25 Years
DRF 25 Yrs