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The Power of Five

Foundation’s VISION “to create sustainable social impact at scale”, its MISSION “to empower communities through improved education, livelihood and health outcomes” and its GOAL “to be widely recognized for its problem solving capabilities with respect to the most challenging social issues” precisely sum-up why it exists. We look for people who can contribute to this journey. In addition to the functional competencies which are defined as per the job roles, the following five personality traits & behaviors are at the core of our hiring process:

  1. Purpose Driven: Aligning your purpose in life to the purpose of the Foundation will earn great dividends for both of us. ‘Purpose driven’ employees deliver excellence at work while feeling an utmost sense of satisfaction about what they are doing. We look for people who are purpose driven.
  2. Contagious Energy: Solving complex problems and addressing the most challenging social issues requires possessing lots of positive energy, dealing with ambiguity and getting things done with limited resources. We look for people who are a bundle of energy (lively, diligent and hard-working).
  3. Being Authentic: The quality of being genuine and true to one-self and to others will help build trust, foster good relationships and enrich the workplace experience. We look for people who are: authentic, capable of walking the talk, and dependable.
  4. High Learning Agility: We do not have all the answers, we are a learning organization. We are aware that solving adaptive social problems demands continuous learning and improvement. We look for people who have high learning agility and are willing to exercise it to solve social problems.
  5. Core Workplace Behaviors: We assess the employees based on their adherence to our ‘Core Workplace Behaviors. We strongly believe that it creates an enabling environment for success. We look for candidates who have an appetite for: Appreciating diversity, Developing their skills, Taking care of their mental-health, physical fitness and financial security, Acting responsibly and Thinking critically.

If you have the abilities and the above mentioned five personality traits and behaviors, DRF can provide an excellent platform to create impact at scale.

Pranav Kumar Choudhary
Director – Operations
Dr. Reddy’s Foundation

DRF 25 Years
DRF 25 Yrs