With more than 40 Cr migrants dislodged by the lockdown and desperate for a livelihood, we cannot afford to be just onlookers and leave them to their fate. While the Government along with other organizations are providing urgent relief, the anxiety of not having a livelihood cannot be erased with a few food packets or a small dole; and there is an urgency to restore these vulnerable groups through some sustainable livelihood opportunities.

90% labourers (approx)

have lost their source of income in the first three weeks of the lockdown.- Jan Sahas

400 million

in India may sink into poverty: UN report

80% Migrant workers

are uncertain about future employement - economic times


Since many of them have returned to their villages and agrarian roots; Dr. Reddy’s Foundation is focusing on the rehabilitation of some of these migrant workers by proffering opportunities to grow vegetables through a sustainable cultivation model on leased small plots to ensure they can earn a livelihood.

What is Small Plot Farming?

Small Plot Farming is about finding livelihood options by cultivating different vegetables in small quantities based on well researched market studies. The small plot farmers are supported in creating suitable low-cost infra for irrigation, access to right inputs, access to market, and smart decision making on the crop selection. Since the risk of market access and right pricing are eliminated through market-intelligence-based cropping system, aggregation and last-mile connect with the market, beneficiaries are expected to earn income on a consistent basis throughout the year.

How this model can help?

The small farm cultivation can help poor farmers to cultivate multiple vegetable crops in small land holdings. Since the plot is small, it manageable in terms of manpower and investments and moreover the yield is based on smart analysis of last five years trends of vegetable prices. It also uses inter cropping techniques for optimum utilization of plot.  The produce from handful farmers can be aggregated and supplied to markets, thereby the risk of market access is eliminated and returns are assured. It is estimated that these returns, will be more than the daily wage earnings of the target group and will help them to live with dignity as a farmer and discourage migration.

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How can you help?

We are convinced that we are in this together and their problem will soon spill to become our problem; and therefore there is an urgency to reach and help migrant workers find work that will give them some means to feed themselves and their families. We cannot do this alone and we seek your support to be able to include more vulnerable people in this plan.

You can start a fundraising campaign for migrant workers.

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