Social Sector Initiatives

Front Line Team Leaders (FLTL) are “managers who manage people who do not manage others”. In India’s public health system Front Line Health Team Leaders (FLHTL) are at the core of health care delivery. However studies[1] have shown that they have low engagement level which adversely affects their and their teams performances standards in work. Although the role of FLHTL involves significant managerial and leadership functions they are provided limited capacity building in these areas. There is an urgent need to complement the current technical capacity building initiatives for FLTHL to include leadership and management development.
The global vision of WHO for Health Workforce also focuses on this aspect, which is committed to ‘Accelerate progress towards universal health coverage and ensuring equitable access to health workers within strengthening health systems’. India’s National Health Policy also talks about developing human resources for health to achieve health goals.
To address this challenge DRF along with Accenture Development Partnerships and Indian Institute of Public Health aims to bring together a cohort of different partners to improve the effectiveness of FLHTLs, through a systemized leadership and management development intervention. This skilling intervention will be planned and executed in partnership with government, academic institutes, health institutes, healthcare experts and others.

[1]Harvard Business Review: Front Line Managers: Are They Given the Leadership Tools to Succeed

dd ARITRA is a Leadership Development Program aimed at addressing the talent deficit at the Senior levels in the Social Sector. Our goal is to create 100 Senior Leaders over three batches of the Program. Aritra will propel leaders to fuel and accelerate growth and change.


We did extensive secondary and primary research, leveraging principles of human centered design thinking in order to understand key success factors, underlying skills, critical leadership experiences and enablers / deterrents in the path to becoming a senior leader. Based on this, we have evolved the three pronged leadership framework.

The Aritra program has been created as a rigorous development journey spanning an intensive period of 18 months. Participants are supported post the program with a strong alumni engagement program and online resources which will be made available. The process commences with an intensive selection process and then moves into the learning and application phase comprising MOOCs, mentoring, assessment gates, exposures, assignments / action learning projects and peer learning.

  • Fast track program to support career growth into a senior leadership rolebenefits
  • Networking with a diverse, pan-India group of peers, mentors, advisors, SMEs
  • Learn while working: 1 year of intensive inputs (onsite at IIMB – 18 days; offline self-work: peer discussions, mentor and coach sessions, MOOCs, assignments); 6 months of application to solve a key problem within own organization
  • Certificate by IIM Bangalore
  • Post program support through online platform and alumni program


Aritra has been seeded in deep secondary and primary research.  Designed by experts, academicians and practitioners and following principles of design thinking.  The design team has built tremendous stretch and rigor into the program, commencing with a multi-level, demanding selection process.  This learning journey encompasses a multitude of learning methodologies to ensure that it caters to all learning styles.

While the participant enjoys the benefit of the peer group, Aritra at its core is a deeply personalized leadership development journey with individualized support built in.There is a strong technology-enabled platform to support the learning and application.  Aritra has a strong research and knowledge management, and is anchored by a Program Management Office.