Social Sector Initiatives

Building Effective First Level Health Team Leaders

Key Issues

  • Improving managerial capacities for first level managers in public health system
  • First level managers in public health system with mostly experience and training in service delivery discharge managerial responsibilities

Our Solution

To address this challenge, DRF, along with Accenture Development Partnerships and Indian Institute of Public Health, is bringing together a cohort of different partners to build an intervention for enhancing Managerial and Leadership skillsets leading to an improvement in the effectiveness of FLHTLs. This skilling intervention will be executed in partnership with government, academic institutes, health institutes, healthcare experts and others.

First Level Health Team Leaders (FLHTL) play a crucial role within the Primary Health Care system and there is a need to enhance the effectiveness of FLHTL. The program aims to offer a solution that will impact the primary health system in India by applying behavioral insights and strengthening the system from within instead of creating a separate parallel structure.

To understand the opportunities and challenges in detail, DRF has brought together Partners, engaged and aligned with the State Governments and initiated Formative Research across multiple geographies.

In collaboration with the partners, DRF is creating an Intervention Design based on Human Centric Design principles and insights from Formative Research to help us impart managerial and leadership skills to enhance the effectiveness of FLHTL.

We will build and launch the intervention in some districts across 2 states before launching nationally.

The expected outcome of the FLHTL Program is to enable a tangible leadership and managerial skill shift among the target audience creating to a lasting change in behaviors resulting in increased effectiveness and productivity of the FLHTLs and their teams.

Creating Leadership for India’s Social Sector

Key Issues

  • Creating a leadership pipeline for social sector
  • Gap in leadership talent pool is one the key limiting factors for social sector

Our Solution

Aritra seeks to create senior leaders who will build strong organizations, in turn amplifying social impact.

ARITRA is a Leadership Development Program aimed at addressing the talent deficit at the senior levels in the Social Sector by bringing together not for profits, experts and agencies working on leadership development, academic institutions and sponsors. Our goal is to create 100 Senior Leaders over three batches of the Program. Aritra will propel leaders to fuel and accelerate growth and change.

The Aritra program has been created as a rigorous development journey spanning an intensive period of 15 months. Participants are supported post the program with a strong alumni engagement program and online resources which will be made available. The process commences with an intensive selection process and then moves into the learning and application phase comprising MOOCs, mentoring, assessment gates, exposures, assignments / action learning projects and peer learning.

Our goal is to create 100 Senior Leaders over three batches of the Program.