When Sruthi and her father walked into the Mehdipatnam Center on a rainy afternoon their mood like the weather outside was dark and despondent. As they sat down and faced the GROW team Sruthi was very quiet. It was her father who did most of the talking and his voice betrayed the urgency for a job for his daughter.

A science graduate and as the eldest of three, the onus of supporting her family was a reality Sruthi could not ignore.  Her father, an RTC mechanic, struggled to make ends meet and now her younger sisters going to school hinged on her. Sruthi who had no clue about industry requirements only kept repeating “I want to get a job that pays at least Rs 8,000 as a salary.”

The team counselled and assured her that they would help her to find a job if she completed the training.  A few tests to assess her competency level revealed that her ‘basic level’ would call for her to enroll in an assorted set of training modules.  Sruthi agreed readily as she realized her communication skills, inability to articulate in English and her lack of confidence all compounded her problems.

A keen student, she was regular to class and at the end had no difficulty in clearing all her subjects in the first attempt. When the time came for placements, Sruthi was nervous about the interviews. Her trainer coached and accompanied her for her first interview to a skin therapy center called OLIVA. After two rounds of interviews she was surprised when she got her offer letter with a salary of Rs12000!

Sruthi now works with OLIVA and has completed her probation. K.Sruthi was from 1st batch of GROW at Mehdipatnam.