Importance of Right Skills

Chaithra  wanted to support her family by working after her graduation, but lack of right skills and her shy nature stopped her from working even in her own family business which is a computer training institute named BALC.

On learning that GROW focuses on ‘Core Employability Skills’, she signed up in the hope that she would be able to communicate better and overcome her shyness.

“I realized early on the need for these elementary skills.  In my case, we had a family business but I still could not contribute to it because of my obvious inhibitions and lack of proper skills” says Chaithra. She now steers the Institute and is applying some of her learnings to her students.

“ The point is, you might get a job or have a job like in my case, but to hold it or succeed in it, you need these elementary skills. GROW ensured that I learnt to be more confident and gain other communication skills and as a result, today I am successful.”