Harness the potential of young India

India’s growing ‘under-25’ population, including young people with disabilities , aspire for better jobs and higher incomes. Therefore, there is an urgency to educate and skill our youth and optimise them to match up to the requirements of the industry. DRF attempts to deliver high quality skilling at scale for marginalised youth apart from empowering young women to study science.



As India moves towards reforming its public health sector and making universal health care more accessible, The availability of qualified human resource has emerged as a significant challenge facing healthcare delivery mechanism.


To combat the problem, HQHCS program which is designed by industry experts trains youth who seek employment opportunity in the non-medical healthcare sector. By augmenting skilled healthcare workers, HQHSC program ensures adequate and effective human resources to provide quality care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health delivery in the country.


India requires around 65 lakhs Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs).In additionto 20 lakh doctors and 40 lakh nurses.

Lack of trained and certified personnel has forced the industry to engage untrained & uncertified personnel for this job.


HQHCS program ensures quality training by developing high quality curriculum & assessment aligned to occupational standards. It is developed by industry experts and delivered by highly qualified trainers. In addition to technical training, “Core Employability Skills” is imparted to make youth fully prepared to join workforce. The program partners with the Govt to leverage their infrastructure and develop state of the art Skill Labs. Post training aspirants are placed in reputed corporate hospitals.


Ensuring trained Allied Healthcare Professionals to address the gap apart from creating an impact at scale. In addition, the program aims to provide employment opportunities for tribal youth.


Nageshwar Rao belongs to a tribal community in Rampachodavaram. He has always been committed to helping his family financially. But his zeal to help others ignited when he saw his neighbour succumb to an asthma attack. Fortunately, a training program in Health Care which had recently launched close to his home presented an opportunity. The course on Health Care has enabled him to identify the emergency, help the patient with basic life-saving techniques and hand the patient safely over to a doctor.

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