Tale of Transformation 

by DRF in Story of the Month | Feb 28, 2018

Hari was looking for a job and having tried his hand at various small-scale offices before; he realized that there was something lacking that couldn’t make the cut. Opportunity came knocking in the form of the newspaper ad. Once he contacted and visited the GROW centre, Hari inferred that GROW provides training in a gamut of skills that are essential for a career in today’s times. He says, “The English and Communication skills lessons were what I was missing and were very useful. I liked the soft skills training the most, as it taught me life lessons like time management, how to face interviews and importance of body language among other things”.

Inspired by the time management lesson, Hari also joined a Photoshop and DTP course simultaneously, to make the most of his day. Hari after completing his course, is now a practicing Photoshop professional and is determined to find a job based on his training at GROW. His mother, a tailor, and sister, who works as admin staff at a hospital, are proud of his effort. “I am thankful to GROW for having given me the skills that I lacked and I am now positive that I can crack an interview with confidence” signs off Hari with a bright smile.

DRF 25 Years
DRF 25 Yrs