Harness the potential of young India

India’s growing ‘under-25’ population, including young people with disabilities , aspire for better jobs and higher incomes. Therefore, there is an urgency to educate and skill our youth and optimise them to match up to the requirements of the industry. DRF attempts to deliver high quality skilling at scale for marginalised youth apart from empowering young women to study science.


Digital Training Model  has been the strategic focus of Youth and Persons with Disability (PwD) Skilling Programs. The design process  got accelerated due to the pandemic. GROW- Digital Programs (for Youth & PwD)  focus on virtually delivered high-quality “core employability skills”  to ensure that aspirants are equipped with the right skills & competencies to start their career.

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Engagement & quality

Low aspirant engagement and lack of quality in virtually delivered skilling programs


Placement quality

Lack of industry-aligned courses and quality placements


Shortage of digital training

Few digital training programs for persons with disability, especially in rural settings.



Lack of placement-linked programs & awareness among employers.



In addition to GROW’s key features and focus on “Core Employability Skills” the Grow Digital Program leverages certified trainers with the competency to deliver quality virtual training, along with a Learning Management System (LMS) that complements the virtual learning process.

Grow Digital for Persons with Disability also includes a sensitization workshop for employers to help them incorporate Persons with Disability in their workforce.

Expected Outcome

GROW digital training models have been successfully piloted with more than 4000 youth and 2000 persons with Disability during the lockdown. Digital Training Models will help in reaching out to the new segment of youth (from the same target group, who have a smartphone with data connectivity). This will also help in scaling up the impact with speed,  due to its cost advantage.

DRF 25 Years
DRF 25 Yrs