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DRF in line with its vision works with the community, government and private sector to address adaptive social problems that have the potential to bring lasting change and improve overall outcomes for the ecosystem. In addition, it focuses on supporting initiatives aimed at building a strong and vibrant social sector in India.


(First Level Health Team Leaders)

First Level Health Team Leaders (FLHTL) play a crucial role within the Primary Health Care system and research confirms the need for enhancement of managerial and leadership skills as a key lever to improve health outcomes.

While it has been a priority to impart technical skills to health workers -including FLTHL- it is noted that managerial and leadership skill building has been relegated to the periphery.

DRF aims to address this gap by building an intervention for enhancing Managerial and Leadership skillsets for FLHTL. We expect a tangible shift in behavioural change resulting in effective leadership of FLHTLs and increased performance of the Indian Primary Health Care System.


First Level Health Team Leaders are not
effective managers because they lack
leadership and managerial skills.


DRF in association with Accenture Development Partnerships and Indian Institute of Public Health – Gandhinagar, is co-creating a replicable and scalable intervention. The solution is a tech-enabled intervention design based on Human Centric Design principles.

Our team, using insights from formative research is focusing on developing work optimization tools to increase efficiency through digital interactive learning platforms to drive skill shift and behavior change. The digitized work-tool will ensure better time management and the data recorded by them will be standardized and error-free.


The expected outcome of the FLHTL Program is to enable a tangible leadership and managerial skill shift among the target audience creating to a lasting change in behaviors resulting in increased effectiveness and productivity of the FLHTLs and their teams.

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