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DRF, in line with its vision, works with the community, government and private sector to address specific problems that have the potential to bring lasting system-level changes and improve overall outcomes for the ecosystem. In addition, it focusses on supporting initiatives aimed at building a strong and vibrant social sector in India.



In line with the Government of India’s vision for a New India by 2022, Niti Ayog is working closely with the State Governments to achieve rapid transformation of selected “Aspirational Districts” in the country. A total of 115 districts have been identified across the country as “Aspirational Districts” based on indicators like Health, Education, Nutrition, Infrastructure, Poverty and Sanitation. The program is spearheaded by a team comprising of Secretaries and Prabhari officers for each district appointed by the Central Government and State level committees, along with Nodal officers for each district, and includes the District Collector of each district.

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation is working in two districts, one each in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, to support the district administrations in driving this programme that aims to achieve efficient implementation of the schemes, replicating best practices across districts and establishing feedback mechanisms. The approach will ensure focus on outcomes that matter to common people and spur social and economic development in these districts.


Design , test and develop an effective operational model for techno-managerial support for government at district level t to improve human development indicators.

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