A Photography Contest by Dr.Reddy’s Foundation


Climate in Crisis

​Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) invites professional and non-professional photographers to participate in this photo contest to create awareness and support Climate Action.

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation works with children, youth – including young persons with disabilities, women and farmers by developing and testing innovative solutions to address complex social problems. This year, as we move to completing 25-years of work, we realize we are at a defining

moment in our history and to mark this, we are committing to work on the defining issue of our times – climate change – by launching a new initiative called Action for Climate and Environment (ACE) and to underline the urgency to focus on climate action we are encouraging photographers to capture climate crisis in order to advocate this through their photographs.

Prizes &

Winners will be awarded the prizes assigned to each award category. The prize amount will be transferred to bank accounts specified on the entry form.

  • First Prize – INR.50, 000 (USD 680*)
  • Second Prize – INR.25, 000 (USD 340*)
  • Special Prizes – 10 prizes of INR.5, 000 (USD 68*) each plus a book on photography
  • A virtual exhibition will be organized in November to display the best photographs

*Amounts in currency other than INR will be based on the conversion rate on date of announcement of winners.



A professional photographer, founder and chief educator at SIA Photography.  His works have been in several international publications like National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, Timeout Explorer (UK), The Times (London, UK), The National (Dubai), and Schmap (Ireland).

He is a regular contributor to Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, Discover India, FEMINA, and Jetwings International Travel Magazine. Saurabh is Consulting Editor at 1x.com, Honorary Fellow ICS (HON.FICS) by Image Colleague Society International-USA 2020, and was nominated for Top 10 Most Influential People in Photography by Asian Photography Magazine-2018.


Ismail Shariff is an internationally published and exhibited nature and wildlife photographer from Hyderabad, India; and a pioneer in Fine Art Printmaking. Known as the “Snow Leopard Man” due to his extensive work and incredible footage on one of the rarest wild cats of the world, he has successfully run several wildlife photo expeditions since 2011 all around the world.

Ismail identifies as a conservationist photographer and works with the Snow Leopard Trust to experience the ecosystem realities first-hand so as to educate locals and others on the existence and survival of keystone species. In 2019, he was invited to the Snow Leopard Conservation Conference in Astana, Kazakhstan to showcase his work and findings.
Ismail has been featured on Canon Asia and Canon India and India Today. Apart from solo exhibitions in Astana, Kazakhstan, Los Angeles and New York City, and the USA, his photos were published at the COP-11 Biodiversity Summit, “The Tadoba Inheritance” by Sanctuary Asia, and also in the highly renowned “Indian Birds”, a book on Indian Ornithology.

Ismail Shariff


An accomplished photographer and mentor. He is specialized in wildlife, architecture, landscape, astro, people and culture photography.  Kumar is also technical consultant and adviser for the camera equipment; his sessions received applause from Tamron and Manfrotto. He takes sessions on Photography for Fine Arts and Mass Communications students and is a mentor for several amateur photographers.



The theme of the photo contest is Climate Change. Photographers are invited to illustrate the effects of climate change and can provide up to five high-quality photographs together with their caption and brief description. A caption and brief description is defined as the title of the photograph and some background information. These photographs will contribute to DRF’s efforts to raise awareness about the importance for us to collectively work to address climate change.

All the entries should be
submitted by
July 31st 2021, 11:59pm

Participation in the contest is free.

Submission Guidelines
and Rules

If you would like to take part in the contest by entering photograph(s), please carefully read and take note of the Competition Rules that follow. The contest is open to any professional or amateur photographer. Photographs will be judged on relevance to the contest theme, power of the message, creativity, technical quality and suitability for presentation to an international audience. The decisions of DRF will be final.

All entries will be judged by professionals in the fields of photography who will recommend winning entries to DRF.

  • To submit your images, please register on the Climate in Crisis contest page on the DRF website and upload your images.
  • You can upload a maximum of 5 images.
  • Images must be at least 1024 pixels on the longer side, and in JPEG format.
  • Pictures captured by any device (including cell phone) are allowed.
  • The panel may, if necessary, ask for original JPEG or RAW file. Images will be disregarded if this information is not provided.
  • Photographs with watermarks, logos, borders, names and any other identification marks will  not be considered.
  • Photographs that have already been published elsewhere before the announcement of the winners or are the property of a third party will be disqualified.
  • The photos submitted must be the person’s original work. Images that violate copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights or other related rights will be disqualified and Dr. Reddy’s Foundation will not be liable for such infringements. The entrant will be totally liable if DRF incurs any expenses due to such violations.
  • The panel of judges have the right to disqualify any photograph if the picture is ineligible for reasons including but not limited to – a) Inappropriate content b) Violation of human rights c) Insensitive content d) Provocative content.
  • Digital manipulations including cloning and composition of different images will not be accepted
  • The photograph should not been altered, except for basic fine tuning like cropping, contrast adjustment, spot toning, etc.
  • Upon making the submission, you grant us non-exclusive right to display the photograph(s) on Dr. Reddy’s Foundation websites and social media channels, e-mails, annual reports, calendars and other DRF printed material in addition to websites and social media channels of event promoters. The photographer will be credited wherever the image is used.
  • Upon making the submission, you also grant us the right to display the image through on-line/off-line exhibitions organized by DRF. The photographer will be credited, if his/her image is displayed in the exhibition.
  • The decision of the panel of judges is final with respect to all matters relating to the contest.

Announcement of Winners

The winners of this contest will be announced in the last week of November. The winners will be intimated by mail and the list will be posted on Dr. Reddy’s Foundation website. The award winning photographs will also be exhibited virtually.

Publication & dissemination of winning photographs

Please note that any submitted material will not be returned to the contestants. DRF reserves the right to reprint, use, name, distribute and publish with appropriate credit to the photographer, any entry at DRF’s discretion (including non-winning entries), without any monetary compensation to the photographer in question. However, the photographer will be credited each time the pic is used.

DRF also reserves the right to grant permission to third parties to reprint, use, name, distribute and publish the photographs for non-commercial purposes in order to raise awareness on climate crisis (always with appropriate credit to the photographer).

Claim of Ownership

Contestants must own all right to the photographs submitted, and releases for the photographs submitted are the contestant’s responsibility.

If a photograph(s) submitted contains any material that belongs to a third party, DRF will not be responsible in case of libel or to pay any fees or compensation to any party whatsoever.

If DRF has any doubt on the ownership of the photograph(s), DRF reserves the right to eliminate the photograph(s) from the contest. Contestants must submit a signed release from any person(s) appearing in the photograph(s) (or their legal representatives or guardians).

Use of DRF name or Logo

No participant in this contest shall be authorized to use or allow third parties to use the Dr. Reddy’s Foundation name and/or logo for any purpose, without DRF’s prior written permission.

Submission Procedure & Acceptance of Rules

All entries must be submitted with the official Entry Form. The entrant must complete and sign the Entry Form. No identification should appear on the front of the image.

The participation in the contest indicates your acceptance of all the submission guidelines and rules.

Settlement of disputes

The submission of any entry will not be subject to claims for financial compensation of any kind whatsoever. Participation in the contest may not be construed as an endorsement by Dr. Reddy’s Foundation of the photographer and/or his/her work.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation or application of these rules shall, unless amicably settled, be subject to conciliation. In the event of failure of the latter, the dispute shall be settled by arbitration or legally at the Hyderabad courts.

DRF 25 Years
DRF 25 Yrs