Fight for a bright future

Amudavalli is the quintessential married woman from Bangalore who lives with her husband and in-laws. What makes her a superwoman, according to us, is her spirit to provide a better future for her two children despite her financial condition. She and her husband, who works as an electrician, are doing their best to ensure that the household runs smoothly.
Amudavalli’s day starts at 4 a.m. to get to her household chores and by 8 a.m., she is off to drop her kids to school. She then starts her part time job of a caretaker and domestic help of an elderly couple located 2 kilometres away from her place. This job fetches her Rs. 1200 a month, of which, one half she spends on her kids’ transport to school and the rest she saves for her use. It is in this busy drill that she came across GROW’s pamphlet that promised her “Better Skills. Better Jobs”. Her visit to the Utterahalli centre further strengthened her hopes of earning a better job with the right training in the required skills.
Aptitude and communication skills are among her favourite modules in the training as she finds Accounting very interesting. Also, the training in communication skills has helped her communicate with confidence which is essential for a job.
She reminisces, “My parents had never allowed me to work, but still, I have enrolled in GROW Program because I want to learn skills which will help me to get a job and earn. The only reason I need a job is, I want to see my children studying in good school and give them all the happiness they deserve.”  Today, Amudavalli is just about to complete her training and is looking forward to ace interviews with her newly acquired confidence and communication skills. We wish her the very best and are confident that she will crack the interview of her dream job!.