What we do

  • Set up in 1996, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) is a non-profit partner of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. DRF acts as a catalyst of change that fosters, develops and promotes initiatives at individual, group and organization levels to achieve sustainable development. Driven by the belief that equity in education and livelihoods helps in building an inclusive society, DRF strives to create quality opportunities in these two areas, with particular focus on economically disadvantaged youth. It works in partnership with all concerned stakeholders in this endeavor.

  • Livelihood Advancement Business School (LABS) for youth and LABS for People with Disability (LABS-PwD) is an effective short term skill development program that caters to youth in the age group of 18-30. The core focus of the training program is to ensure placements thus addressing issues of employability, income generation and subsequent improvement in quality of life.

  • Livelihood Advancement Business School for Farmers ( LABSF) -launched in 2010, the program provides small farmers with knowledge about the latest technologies and techniques in the area of crop production. The program helps farmers overcome the challenges of low agricultural productivity, enhances the family net incomes. Additionally surplus hands in the rural economy are identified, skilled and linked to local jobs thus reducing pressure on dependency on fragmented smallholding lands.

  • DRF strives to provide various opportunities for learning to those who have never been to school, or have dropped out of it; it also works to improve the quality of education in schools.

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